TOP G #3.1

Parallel protocols

As the world teeters on the brink of chaos, Top G clashes with the forces of tyranny and the darkest depths of his own mind.

Volume 3.1

The darkness lives
iN us all.

Do you trust

your own eyes?

A battle against the erasure of hope ensues amidst a web of international scandal. Dark forces seek to destroy the world we know. Their motive is clear. Change is coming and time is running out. But who can we trust in a world build upon a foundations of lies.

Plunge into the dark world of Top G, where reality becomes blurred and sanity hangs by a thread. The last real superhero navigates the murky depths of his own mind and paranoia fuelled darkness. Is this the end of the Top G we know? Are you ready to question everything and lose yourself in the chaos? Can you trust your own judgement? Secure your access to the greatest Top G book of the saga now. 

Collect History

Top G 3 is imminent

It’s a journey that requires courage and uncovers the true meaning of strength. A path fraught with peril, where every battle could mean life or death.

These pages are imbued with the sacrifices, the pertinacious spirit of Wudan, and indefatigable determination needed to shape a superhero. As you journey through this collectible masterpiece, you’ll be inspired and discover the profound lessons that can fuel your own extraordinary path.

Are you ready to walk the path?

Experience History
Your time is now

“There is no light without dark”



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Top G #3.1

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